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Since he arrived on the Ugandan art scene in 2001, Daudi has become one of Kampala’s premier artists. His work is collected widely by art aficionados in Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States, to name a few, and it hangs in embassies, companies and five-star hotels around Kampala.

Recently, Daudi has been at the forefront of a new movement to promote Ugandan art inside and outside the country. This year, he co-founded START, a journal of arts and culture criticism that is the first ever publication of its kind in Uganda. His a founding member of the Kampala Arts Trust, a coalition of artists and art appreciators in the country and elsewhere who are working toward the dream of establishing a modern art museum in the country. It will facilitate research, exchange programs and training as well as offering a state-of-the-art exhibition space for local works.

Born in Kampala, Daudi holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts at Makerere University.  Afriart Gallery, which he opened in 2002, is now one of Uganda’s leading galleries. It remains devoted to developing and promoting homegrown visual artistic talent and in recent years has hosted readings by local fiction writers and other events that promote the work of Ugandans working in the creative arts. Daudi is involved in a number of innovative cross-media collaborations, such as a project using original illustrations to promote reading among secondary school students and “paint the music” project a collaboration between music and art.

Responsibilities and Achievements

  • Curator, Afriart Gallery, Kampala. Organized monthly shows highlighting the work of mostly local artists since 2002
  • Initiated and organised annual children’s art workshops in commemoration of the Day of the African Child since 2003. Organised international artists’ workshops and residencies such as “Arms into Art” by Mozambican Artist Fiel Dos Santos, in association with Alliance Francaise, Kampala.
  • Treasurer to the Uganda Artists Association.
  • Visual art representative to the National Cultural Forum under the Ministry of culture, gender and social development in Uganda.
  • Sought out and created new venues for visual art exhibitions in the country, including restaurants, gardens and residences, in an effort to bring art to the Ugandan people.

Past and Present Exhibitions:

“The Sun Omusana “- 2007.

The Sun OmusanaDaudi Karungi is exhibiting a series of works that are snapshots of moments of lives lived. Building on the humanistic themes of his previous works, these new pieces explore the dichotomy of human identity, how the personas of work and station coexist with people’s inner lives.

Date: 9th November 2007
Duration: 3 weeks

“The Cross Africa”- 2007.

Cross AfricaCross Africa is an exhibition, which brings new, dynamic contemporary art to Denmark. The exhibition also brings together artists from across the African continent. For the first time ever, three artists from Uganda and the Sudan in East Africa are exhibiting their work together with four artists from Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso from West Africa.

The seven artists participating in the exhibition all have very different styles, but common for all these artists is their special relationship to, and portrayal of, their African surroundings and culture.
Both Daudi Karungi and Ismail Damba from fertile Uganda and Ahmed Abushariaa from Sudan use vibrant and complementary colours. Abushariaa, with his roots in The Khartoum Modern Group, brings Arabic calligraphy, symbols and visual codes into – at times – politically oriented paintings. His choice of colours is similar to that of the two artists from East Africa, while his Arabic elegance is shared with Thierno Diallo from Mali.

“Journey Olugendo “- 2006.

Journey OlugendoThe work depicts my travels for the past year. They are both journeys of the body and soul; they involve interactions with both close friends and strangers as well as experiences of Joy, betrayal and uncertainties. Color and texture are dominant to show the dark, bright, smooth and rough parts of the journey. This exhibition is dedicated to my seed.

Starting: Thursday November 16th, 2006.

“Life Obulamu “- 2005.

LifeThis exhibition reflects the artist’s observations on his every day life, focusing especially on people’s relationships and social practices. This exhibition is dedicated to my late mother, Betty Karungi.

Starting: Thursday November 10th, 2005.


“Lemon Tree “- 2004.

Lemon TreeDaudi celebrates his birthday with his artworks showcased at Lemon Tree Restaurant, Kampala-Uganda.

Starting: March 23rd, 2004.

Other Exhibitions

– 2001 All Artists Exhibition, Nommo Gallery, Kampala.
– 2004 Collaborative Art with Juuko Hood, Afriart Gallery, Kampala (0ctober).
– 2004 End of year sale, Afriart Gallery (December)
– 2004 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, Group Exhibition.
– 2005 Southern Graphics Conference, Washington DC, USA.
– 2005 Solo Exhibition, Lemon Tree Restaurant Kampala.
– 2005 Everyday people Solo exhibition, Aid child Gallery.
– 2006 Recent works, Katch the Sun Restaurant (May).
– 2007 Crossing Africa East to west, Copenhagen and Hobro, Denmark (Jan – April).
– 2007 Shh…. kano kapya, Alliance Francaise, Kampala.
– 2007 East African Art Biennale EASTAFAB 2007, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.
– 2008 April New Grounds exhibition at Susan Elley Gallery New York

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